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Are you ready for a new water sports and recreation challenge? Not that long ago, paddleboards had taken the world by storm. And rightfully so, since they were an exciting innovation in their prime.

But they are so last week! It’s all about stand up pedal boards right now.

Not only are they incredibly stable, but they’ll let you practically fly across the water at high speeds while nimbly twisting and turning and carving up the waves with precision controls.

In this Hobie Mirage Eclipse review, we’re going to take a look at this innovative, one-of-a-kind leg powered stand up board in much greater detail. Before we’re through, you’ll read an overview, specifications about two currently available models, pros and cons, and more.

In no time at all, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get your hands on this exciting new piece of water sports entertainment technology.

Let’s dive into this Hobie Mirage Eclipse review without further delay.

An Overview of the Hobie Mirage Eclipse

To kick things off, I first want to bring your attention that this is a new type of board. It’s the first leg powered stand up pedal board of its kind. Its newness, uniqueness, and interesting design and abilities are the reasons why so many people are excited about this board.

What’s really exciting is that you can be a complete newbie and still pick this up and learn how to use it fast. There is no reason to believe that you have to be an experienced paddler in order to use this board because it’s just not true.

And since it’s so easy to master this propulsion system, kids and adults can enjoy this stand up board as it easily moves through the water under the power of your legs.

It’s simple to glide left or right with the easy-press steering controls and you’ll quickly learn that navigating is going to be a lot simpler than you may have originally imagined.

As you get closer to the land, the rudder will automatically begin to fold up. This is an exciting feature because you don’t have to worry about ever accidentally damaging the blade due to forgetfulness or lack of experience.

Plus, if you love to go fishing, you’ll really appreciate this board because it has a tie down section. In this section, it’s really easy to attach fishing equipment. Before long, you’ll be catching some of the biggest fish you’ve ever caught in your life!

Forget about your other favorite forms of exercise this summer. Running is fun and weightlifting certainly has its upsides, but you’re going to love being in the water this year having some fun in the sun as you carve up the waves on a badass Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

Before we move on, the last thing I wanted to bring your attention is that this board also doubles as your typical paddleboard. There is an option to lock the rudder fins in place. Once locked in, you can completely remove the handle attachment altogether and use it as your typical paddleboard.

As you can see, you get the best of both worlds with the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

You get to use an amazing pedal board when you feel like cutting through the water using power generated by your legs. And you also get to use a high quality paddleboard, when you feel like giving your legs a break to let your arms take over.

Talk about win-win! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Specifications for the Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand Up Pedal Board

There are two models available if you’re interesting in trying out the Hobie Mirage Eclipse for yourself. One model is clearly bigger than the other, so it makes sense to pay close attention to the specifications in order to choose the perfect option.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse 10-5 consists of the following specs:

  • The length is 10’6” (3.2 m).
  • The width is 33.5 inches (0.85 m).
  • The weight capacity is ideal for somebody weighing 225 pounds or less (102 kg).
  • The fitted hull weight is 43.2 pounds (19.6 kg).
  • The fully rigged weight is 54 pounds (24.5 kg).
  • The hull is constructed with advanced composite epoxy, ACX for short.
  • The color choices consist of solar yellow and lunar blue.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12-0 has the following specifications:

  • The length of the board is 12 feet (3.66 m).
  • The width of the board is 35 inches (0.89 m).
  • The weight capacity of this model is ideal for someone weighing 226 to 275 pounds (125 kg).
  • The fitted hull weight is 48 pounds (21.7 kg).
  • The fully rigged weight is 58.9 pounds (26.7 kg).
  • Like the previous option, the hull was constructed using ACX (advanced composite epoxy).
  • The colors are also the same. You can either choose lunar blue or solar yellow depending on your preferences.

As you can see, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse specifications vary between models. Look over the specs and choose the correct option based on your body type and other needs.


There’s a lot to like about the Hobie Mirage Eclipse pedal board. Some of the things we love the most about it include:

  • It’s great for exercise – instead of running, lifting weights, or spending hours in the gym taking spinning or pilates classes, you need to get out more often and enjoy soaking up fun in the sun on the Hobie Mirage Eclipse. Your legs are going to get an amazing workout as you pedal through the water. And if you’re looking for an arm workout, you can always strip down the board to its bare bones and use it as a paddleboard.
  • It moves through the water easily – the pedaling option makes this board easy to move and control. You’ll have no problem cutting through the water while wave riding the Mirage Eclipse.
  • It’s simple to transport and disassemble – there’s nothing complicated about the Hobie Mirage Eclipse, and it was specifically designed this way. They made it easy to disassemble the board, and it’s also really simple the transport it as well.


In all honesty, there’s a lot to love about this pedal board. But we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t share the things we don’t like about it.

  • There is only room for one person at a time. There is room you and a dog for example but there is no space for two or more people at once.
  • If standing for a long time isn’t something you enjoy, you might not like being on a pedal board. But don’t worry, there are plenty of boards available that have a sitting configuration.
  • Price – Starting at $2,499.00, this might be too big of an investment. If this is the case for you, try investing in a used pedal board. Or you can always get the regular paddle boards that are available since they cost less.


Take your paddleboard obsession to a whole new level with the Hobie Mirage Eclipse stand up pedal board. It’s a relaxing, recreational way to spend time while getting in your daily exercise.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse – A Leg Powered Stand Up Pedal Board
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